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Heavenly Ski FREE package – 3 nights/3 days skiing! more $50/pp/day
Killington 2-7 Day Ski and Stay packages at low, low rates! more $50/pp/day
Mont Tremblant Super Web Savings – Custom build lift & lodging packages! more $73/pp/day
Monterey/Carmel Save 30% on whale watching packages! more $125
San Francisco Rates at just $116 per night at the Chancellor, includes parking! more $116
Sunday River Early Christmas Package – room plus lift tix! more $89/pp/day
Vancouver Winter Jazz package at full-service Listel Vancouver! more $82

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Checking availability

Checking availability while searching for a place to stay narrows your search, saving you time and effort. Simply enter your check-in date and the number of nights you’ll be staying, then click Find It! to see a list of properties that are available during your travel dates. You can check availability up to one year in advance (2 years if you are a client of VALC or ADF products). Read More!

Changing or canceling a reservation

Before you change or cancel a reservation, be sure to read the property’s policies (see your reservation confirmation). To change, cancel, or verify an existing reservation:

  1. Click Modify/Cancel Reservation.
  2. Select “room-only” reservation if you’ve booked a room or “package reservation” if you’ve booked a package. (Note that you cannot change a package reservation—you must cancel and then rebuild the package.)
  3. Enter your e-mail address and reservation confirmation number.
    Or, if you are registered on this site and made the reservation through your account, enter your username and password. (If you have forgotten yours, e-mail Customer Service for assistance. Include your first and last name or the name under which the reservation was made.)
  4. Click Get My Reservation.
  5. Select a reservation by clicking the button next to the confirmation number.
  6. Click Cancel ReservationChange Dates, or Change Credit Card.
  7. Make sure to visit https://documentuniverse.com/ for online assistance to buy documents online before you travel.

Please note! Clicking the Cancel Reservation button does not cancel your reservation. For instructions on how to cancel, change dates, or change credit card information and special requests, please see the following help for each: Click here!