Searching for a place to stay

Finding the perfect place to stay is simple! We offer easy-to-use buttons and links that let you reach your destination and book an online reservation, 24 hours a day. Depending on the Web site you are visiting, you can choose from Quick Search, Map Search, and Vacation Ideas Search on the “Hotel Search” page or other pages.

Once you select the city or region you want, the “Search Results” page displays a list of our properties in that area. From here you can change your search criteria, check availability, begin a new search, and so on. Go to Using the “Search Results” page for more information.

Quick Search

If you know the exact location where you want to stay, use Quick Search for fastest results. Simply select your destination, for example, city, state or province (for USA and Canada), and/or country, and hotel name (if known). You can also enter your check-in date and the number nights you’ll be staying to check availability at properties in the area you select. (When searching for multiple properties, we can check availability up to 30 nights only. For a single property, we can check availability up to 99 nights.) When you see the list of properties, look for the Availability indicator in the left column.

Remember! The more information you enter, the more precise your search will be. Try these search tips:

  • Check spelling.
  • Type the full name of a city or hotel, not just the first few letters.
  • Do not use initials (e.g., type “New York,” not NY).
  • Do not use abbreviations (e.g., type “Saint,” not “St.”).
  • If you can’t find the country you want, try a different version of its name. For example, Great Britain is listed as the United Kingdom.
  • If you don’t know the exact location, try other search options.
  • If there are still no matches, try a nearby destination or hotel if possible.

Map Search

Our easy-to-use maps and destination links let you browse the world’s countries and cities to find a place to stay. To search worldwide (where available), click a region on the World map or a destination link, then click a state or province (for USA and Canada), country, or region, and continue until you reach your destination. Once you select a specific location you’ll see a list of our properties in that area.

Vacation Ideas Search

If you prefer a sports-themed or outdoor recreation vacation, crave the quiet ambiance of a spa or B&B;, or love the excitement of a theme park, look for “Vacation Ideas” on the “Hotel Search” page or other pages. You’ll find accommodations at or near ski resorts, golf courses, mountains, beaches, national parks, and theme parks. We also offer a wide variety of bed & breakfasts and spa packages.

To find and book accommodations through our Vacation Ideas, simply choose an idea, search for your destination, then select from a variety of resorts and other places to stay. Look for Special Offers during your search to take advantage of discounts and packages.