Checking availability

Checking availability while searching for a place to stay narrows your search, saving you time and effort. Simply enter your check-in date and the number of nights you’ll be staying, then click Find It! to see a list of properties that are available during your travel dates. You can check availability up to one year in advance.

Checking availability for multiple properties

You can check availability for all of our properties in a city or region from the “Search Results” page or from Quick Search. When you click Find It! we’ll show you a list of properties that have rooms available during your travel dates. All places with rooms available will appear at the top of the list. We also show non-available properties so you can see a complete list of our properties in that area. Look in the “Availability” column to see which places have rooms available during your travel dates. (When checking availability for multiple properties, we can check up to 30 nights only. However, if you choose to book a room, the number of nights you originally entered will be accepted if there is availability.)

When you find a property you like, click “Book it!” to make your reservation or click the property name to see more information. If a place has nothing available, click “Check other dates” to see available dates, rates, and restrictions on the Availability Calendar.

Note: You can sort a list of properties by availability, property name, rate, property type, and special offers (where available) by clicking the column heading. Click the arrow to change the order (ascending or descending).

Checking availability for one property

A property’s main page appears when you click its name on the “Search Results” page. On a property’s page, click Check Availability (the button will read Check Alternate Dates if you previously entered a date). This displays the Availability Calendar, which can help you find available dates, rates, and restrictions.

Using the Availability Calendar

When you click Check AvailabilityCheck Alternate Dates, or Book it! on a property’s main page, or when you click “Check other dates” on the “Search Results” page, you’ll see a date selection area and the Availability Calendar. Refer to the calendar to see:

  • Available and non-available dates
  • Price ranges for each available day
  • Requirements and restrictions

When you find the dates you want to book, simply click your check-in date on the calendar to automatically enter the day, month and year in the boxes at the top of the page. Please note! You can check availability up to one year in advance.

Note: The Availability Calendar may not reflect exact rates and availability. For accurate, up-to-the-minute information, please check availability for your specific travel dates.

Helpful hints and tips

When you check availability, we look at each of your selections to find properties that match all of your search criteria. However, if your search returns no results, please consider the following:

  • Minimum stays: Many places require a two-night minimum stay on weekends and holidays. Please see Using the Availability Calendar to learn how to find requirements and restrictions.
  • Widen your search: If you are searching for personal preferences and can’t find a match, try broadening your search by selecting “All” property types and price ranges, for example.
  • Act fast! Many places fill their rooms quickly, so make your reservations early!

Still no matches? 
If you still find nothing available, this, unfortunately, means we do not have rooms that meet your criteria. Please try alternate dates, another property, or a nearby destination if possible.